martes, 3 de marzo de 2009


... and he suddenly realized he was awake.

When had this happened? I was just right now when he knew he was dreaming, floating above the city away from all the people. He had been dreaming of this for what seemed like eons, and eventually had come up to the conclusion of being in a dream.

"Ah, lucky those who are able to become conscious in their dreams", he remembered thinking to himself just, what, less than a second ago?

"How did I wake up?", was one of the constant questions occupying his mind in these post-dream moments. "I remember floating and gliding in the air... and then just pop! I'm staring at my ceiling, covered in sweat."

Eventually, what felt like eons was the time he was spending trying to figure out the answers to the questions about his waking. Strangely so, he started to realize he was spending too much time trying to answer these questions... could it be that he was...

... and he opened his eyes and realized he was still dreaming and had just woken.

"Not fair! A dream wasted in useless questions", he thought to himself... for a long time...

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Meta-Luis dijo...

Opium... desire or will?

K dijo...

despertar dos veces por noche sueño , una adentro y una afuera, nunca me ha gustado, y eso que solo me paso una vez.