jueves, 19 de febrero de 2009

Fill In The Blank Syndrome

Fill-in-the-blank syndrome [FITBS] was first discovered in 1670 by the faroese time traveler Nyghyl Lkaakskuunghykuuk. It is a well documented medical ailment in which the patient suffers from a constant urge to fully or partially complete any areas of space, either real or virtual, that are able to be filled by any means. It has been noted that patients often obsess over a determined type, size or essence of such areas. Using psychohistory, Nyghyl predicted that the tendency to develop FITBS [even in subjects with not medical history of FITBS] increased by 4pi% whenever the patient was presented with a limit; it increased by 180pi% in cases where the patient enjoyed of a countdown of such limit. Extensive investigation has shown no possible cures for FITBS; it is still unknown why some patients suddenly lose interest in their compulsion and continue to have rather normal lives. Recent psychohistorical dictations have recommended that all investigation be ceased and let FITBS pursue an undisturbed natural course. This results in less pain for patients under study and, more importantly, less funds being invested in unfruitful research.

United Litero-Medical Guild of Avalon-Omicron 7
Under supervision of:
Glastfeul Urspet Deyynth, Nova of Highest Rank;
Ayykharenwe Mrglyykhilyy the Fourth, Intensive Supervision Officer.

All information free and public under penalty of hyper-exile.


Es como cuando tienes un cuadrito para llenar en algún blog, nota de facebook, fotolog, et cétera, y no sabes qué poner pero sientes que tienes que poner algo. Eso me pasó hace rato, como a las 7:02 a.m.

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